About Me

I am 25 years old. My style also weighed towards my personality of being against crowd opinion. I was born contrarian, an Austrian economist by education, and a value-investor by preference. Thus for investments I also believe in a three legged approach towards risk management: studying complexity theory, black swans, and most importantly the anti-fragile. The 2 sides (investment and philosophy) overlap with one another (risk management) to create a unique framework. The laws of unintended consequences have never been more prominent. Thus with the elites prognosis for trying to: 1. fix 2008 2. get their 2-3% inflation and 3. get global growth out of the anemic >2% range, the law of unintended consequences has never been more crucial.

History is littered with the corpses of many that thought what they were doing was correct and just. Therefore one should not be fragile. By understanding financial history, cycles, and theory – the individual can position themselves to be ‘anti-fragile’ and prosper from the disorder.

If I had to sum up my investing philosophy it would go as followed: Austrian Economic theory for finding imbalances and bubbles in a macro world view (countries printing money, high debts, artificial interest rates, etc). Use a contrarian opinion with regards to sectors and industries (example: everyone hates uranium and precious metal miners in 2014). Then use my value investment criteria for analyzing individual companies inside the sector or industry (which company in the hated sector is profitable and trading at a discount relative to cash/sales/assets).

My investment research and obsession for economics goes back to when I was a senior in high school and put the money I made from wiping down tables at the Westin Hotel (total $4 thousand dollars) and invested it in the bear market of 2009. My investment style after witnessing the 2008 collapse and the harmful intervention in the market from the government helped form my thesis: Anytime the government has interfered in the market, it causes mal-investment which sooner or later will be corrected. Hence the Austrian Trade Cycle Theory is key to my work.

Most likely any company I write about I own shares in. So if investors are worried about allocating capital to companies/funds I recommend, know that I am a shareholder. And I hope nobody believes that I would invest in something that would make me lose money. So that should be enough human incentive on my behalf.

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