In this raw and uncut discussion with anarchist and iconoclast, Jayant Bhandari, goes on for forty minutes of interesting and thought provocative view points on today’s nations and economics.
How did we get in this mess? Where did it go wrong? And worse – why doesn’t anyone seem to care or understand the causality of the issues ahead?

We discuss liberty, failed wars, student debts, Western vs. Eastern nations, the bleeding death of Africa by developed nations, and much more.


Jayant is a value investor and creative thinker – contrarian and individualist. His success and insight is appreciated by many as he is popular in the anti-government realm.

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‘With regards of the messes from failed colonization attempts by Western nations in the middle east; it is simple to understand the logic of their anger and guerrilla warfare and suicide terrorism. No wonder ISIS can recruit so many young individuals that have seen their families killed and lives trashed by western money and weapons.  – if we give them nothing to live for, they will die for anything.”

Jayant and I had such an interesting talk we will be doing a 3 part series – the second video will be about value investing, mine equities, contarianism, commodities and emerging market investing.
Let part on increase awareness and part two to invigorate investment themes to profit in this irrational world.

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