I had won a short story contest two years ago which was supposedly going to publish my work. Unfortunately the company informed me that they will be going bankrupt and I regained the rights of my work. I decided I would throw it up on Amazon (LINK HERE).

I had already started my second book a few months which will be an economic and contrarian investing/philosophy book and about value investing in the gold/silver mining sector.

In this poetic and short story book I recently published, titled Stitches, it is not for fragile heart readers. It is raw and uncut that deals with loss, heartbreak, humor and in a numbing tone.

I also take this time to add words of liberty and stories about anarchy. Spreading the ideologies of sound economics and liberty and creativity is what we must do. For anarchy and capitalism to prevail – it must be an intellectual take over. Meaning the young generations need to be inspired by it enough to take time out of their day, atleast 30 minutes a night, and increase their knowledge of topics. Ignorance of basic economics and libertarian history will ultimately be our downfall. The younger populace must actually be interested and want to study these topics.

How can people follow the teachings of Hayek, Mises, Rothbard if they don’t even know who they are?
That is why being young ambitious we must implement our anti-government philosophers in our work. And for me it was to write about it. I am well rounded in the aspect that I am a investor, business man, analyst, and a I can write on a various amount of topics – from a short story/poetry book too an economic history book.


Here is an excerpt from the book, Stitches. Enjoy:

” Now I met Francesca shortly after high school. She had moved out of the small town in California to Phoenix. She brought all her same problems but left the pills. The trail of scars across her arms only magnified her whole beauty. She sat next to me in the book store. I was naturally tall and lanky and not very good looking. I asked:


“What are you reading?”

“Death on a Cross,” she said, “what about you?”

“The Theory of Money and Credit.”

“That sounds horrible.”

“No, death on a cross sounds horrible.”

She laughed. Our conversation must have gone well because she had given me her number and told me she would like to see me again. I felt a sense of pride that of all the empty seats in the book store she sat by me. I knew she hated the books I read but she smiled and laughed anyways. 

One month later we were in her bed. It was morning and she was drinking wine while naked in bed. Everything exposed except for the socks on her feet. She had a birth mark on her left breast that she would always cover but once in a while she would let it slip and I smiled.

I was reading the morning newspaper on the right side of the bed. 

“Do you think I’m beautiful?” She asked.


“Do you really?”

“I don’t think the word beautiful does you justice. You need something more.”

“What about this. . .”

She pulled out a sharp silver letter opener and slashed it hard against her eyebrow. . . “


Check out the free sample on Amazon for the rest.

– Adem Tumerkan