Recently I had the privilege to interview and speak with the technical adviser for the Canadian company, NovX21 – a start up clean tech, catalytic converter recycling company. The company will harvest PGM’s (platinum, palladium, rhodium) at a significantly lower cost than the current environmentally harmful smelters.

Jack Lifton is a very respected and educated metallurgist and chemist and investor and this twenty minutes covers quite a good amount:

  1. NovX21’s process and strategy and its significance.
  2. The demand for PGM’s outstripping diminishing global supplies.
  3. China’s severe pollution and environmental hazards and the proper steps they are taking to fix it.
  4.  The suffering the platinum miners are dealing with in South Africa and also the dangerous jobs the labor of mines endure.
  5. The war on global warming and emissions that nations are coming together to challenge – giving companies incentive to go “green”.
  6. The hybrid auto market with fuel cells, electric vehicles, and hydrogen – “the cleaner the vehicle, the more PGM’s involved”.

All this discussed in this video interview. LINK HERE

Remember intelligent investing is doing ones due diligence.


DISCLOSURE: I am a shareholder of NovX21.