“As a natural skeptic and speculator, I need to look at things based on their core properties first. I need to determine what exactly I am looking at before I can assume how to evaluate it.

Thanks to Nassim Taleb’s theory from his book Antifragile, I incorporated this into my own research and asset allocations.

The ‘Triad’ of fragile, robust, and antifragile…

Things that are ‘fragile’ suffer from spouts of disorder, volatility, and uncertainty. Imagine an antique glass vase sitting on a flimsy corner table. It looks pretty and holds up nicely, until a small disturbance nudges the table and knocks the vase off. Shattering it.

What is ‘robust’ are things that simply absorb disorder and stay the same. Neither benefit from events, nor any harm. Think of a jello mold sitting firmly on a counter and a small short earthquake strikes. It will absorb the volatility with minimal problems.

Finally, the ‘antifragile’. These are things that gain from disorder, volatility, and uncertainty. The exact polar opposite of whatever is fragile. An example of what is antifragile would be working out to gain muscle strength. By causing stress to your muscles and tearing the their fibers, they will rebuild stronger.

I use this ‘Triad’ in two ways: for portfolio strategy and researching underlying assets/securities. In regards to my portfolio, I strive to make sure. . . “

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– Adem Tumerkan